multiply. (books, part four)


One of my goals this year is to read (at least) 25 books. I love reading a ridiculous amount, so this probably is a really conservative goal. One of the books I read last week was Multiply by Francis Chan. Here’s a quick review:

  • This book is not really a ‘how to’ discussion of discipleship. (If you want one of those, check out this book, which I have nicknamed ‘Discipleship for Dummies’.)
  • Instead, it’s a practical tool to use as you disciple someone.
  • The book has 5 parts (disciple making, the Church, how to study the Bible, Old Testament survey, New Testament survey). The structure of the book is very natural. Chan helps us see why disciple making is so important and how it fits into the mission and purpose of the Church. He then emphasizes the importance of studying Scripture, first by explaining how (this is KEY!), and then walking us through a survey of the entire Bible.
  • Throughout each part, Chan interjects discussion questions. These questions make this book such a great resource to use with someone else. Chan really sets you up for success.
  • Every chapter concludes with a reference to an online link. This website has video clips that correspond with each chapter to provide insight to you as the leader of a discussion. You can also download each chapter and listen to the audio of each chapter from this site. (I love when people give their stuff away for free!)

Overall, this book is an excellent resource. If you know someone who wants to grow in his or her faith, this is a great book to go through together. The questions and online resources take away the intimidation factor and really equip people to make disciples.


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